The C1-Reader for smaller and medium-sized laboratories, doctors practices, correctional facilities, police stations etc

The BLOTrix Reader C1 – is a true all-round talent. It reads all types of test cassettes. All drug tests, medical rapid tests, allergy tests and pregnancy tests can be measured and assessed with one and the same device. It reads all tests from the diverse manufacturers.

The BLOTrix Reader C1 -is the youngest system developed by our company and has until now already been sold more than 500 times worldwide. The manufacturers of test systems can now offer their customers a device that fulfils all requirements, from a doctor’s practice up to laboratories. It requires little space, is easy to operate and reads all tests (cassette formats).

The BLOTrix Reader C1 – reads a test cassette within a few seconds and outputs the result. The new „Intelligent Shape Detection“ (ISD) technology detects the shape and position of the test. The cassette is correctly read in every position and this prevents an incorrect test from being read in by mistake. Cassettes with barcode are detected and assessed fully automatically. The modern assessment of a rapid test could not be any easier.

The BLOTrix Reader C1– we also supply the system with a tablet PC. This turns the reading device into a fully functional assessment unit for any small laboratory.

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