Specifications of the Software Blotrix 4 Cubos (B4C)

The following table lists the most important specification of the software B4C for evaluating diagnostic tests and rapid tests.

Diagnostic Tests:Blot-Strips
Device:all BLOTrix-Reader
Aquire test-strips:in trays
from formsheet
single strips
Rapid-test cassettes
Recognition of tests:full automatic with Barcode

Analysis:Multianalysis - multible tests in a single analysis
CutOff:single CutOffs on each strip
multible CutOffs
single CutOff on one strip
manual CutOff
Worklist:automatic Import of worklists from LIM-Systems
Create Worklist
Printed worklists for pipetting
Results: Single-reports for the doctor
Collecting reports of all Analysis
Reports with logo and address of the laboratory
Patient-database:All results can be stored in a database
Patienten search and full
History of all patients
User management:Acces with own password and different levels of security
Calibration:Full automatic Calibration of all BLOTrix devices