BLOTrix Reader R2 and C1: The new standards for the evaluation of rapid test strips and cassettes.

(Press Box) Frankfurt/Main, March 10, 2011, The new BLOTrix readers R2 and C1 from the company BioSciTec now also provide quantifiable results from rapid test strips and cassettes. With the help of optimised calibration techniques the systems provide standardisable measurement data from bands and spots. In close cooperation with the manufacturers of rapid tests we have developed a workstation R2 with integrated PC, and a compact reader C1 with very space-saving dimensions.

The systems are easy to operate by the users in the laboratory and allow the evaluation of all known rapid tests. For the laboratory this means that drug, infection, DNA and allergy tests from various manufacturers can be digitised with only one device. Due to the high demand and consistent product optimisation we are for the first time able to offer the C1-Reader together with a favourably priced evaluation system for small and medium-size laboratories starting from below 1,000 Euros.

The B4C, the third generation of the BLOTrix software, supports the work with the new readers. The Intelligent Shape Detection Technology (ISD) allows the user to insert the test into the reading device in any position. The ISD detects the shape and thereby automatically determines the position of the tests. In conjunction with a barcode on the test cassette the test type is also automatically determined. For the user this means maximum reliability and efficiency during the evaluation.

Important characteristics of the BLOTrix Reader R2 Workstation
– Reading system and assessment device in one unit.
– Pre-installed and configured B4C software
– Network-compatible for connection to laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
– Reading of several rapid tests in only one reading process (high throughput)
– Easy to clean with contamination through liquids

Important features of the BLOTrix Compact Reader C1
– Small, robust tabletop device with small dimensions (29 cm x 20 cm x 7.5 cm) for the assessment of one rapid test per scan.
– A drawer system for inserting all rapid tests (no adapters necessary)
– Easy to clean with contamination through liquids
– Connection to any computer with Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7)