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Evaluation of diagnostic strips

Medica 2015 – new time, new booth and new experience

This year, Medica was a new experience for BioSciTec GmbH.

Medica, the famous trade fair in the area of medicine, set new show dates from Monday till Thursday. We used to take part at the ‚Hessen‘ booth for the last years. It was a corporate booth of the german state ‚Hessen‘ where several biotech companys are located. Since the ‚Hessen‘-booth does not offer this collaboration service anymore, we run our own booth for the first time.

Medica 2015
We had a convenient site in Hall 3 where several of our customers and partners were situated as well. Especially, we were glad to win one of our customer – nal von minden – as our booth neighbor. At this point we would like to thank nal von minden and all customers, partners & any visitors of our booth who contributed to this pleasant Medica. On the whole, Medica was a great experience and we are looking forward to continue with this situation at Medica 2016.

Automated Analyzing – Western Blots in Immunodiagnostics

(PresseBox) (Frankfurt/Main, June 16 ) While competing with more and more modern methods for Health Care, the original Western Blot, which separates proteins by electrophoresis, still persists within the field of immunodiagnostics. It has already been reputed to be obsolete in Germany just as it was supposed to be in all other countries. However, Western Blot still represents a safe diagnostic methods for many labs. A Western Blot is less artificial than a Line Blot hence working closer to the native pathogen. Thus lots of labs still focus on the approved system. Automated analyzing of native Blots indeed has always been a challenge to both soft- and hardware indeed. BioSciTec GmbH, leading in the field of strip analysis, upgraded its latest medical device to analyze Western Blots.
All-round-talent B4C – our most recent strip reading product – does not analyze Rapid Tests, Line Panels and loose Line Strips only, but additionally offers reading native Western Blot strips now.
Re-engineered algorithms and specific profiling for Blots represent a solid base for precisely analyzing mostly heterogeneous & diffuse Blot bands.
Furthermore, the new Blot feature incorporates all necessary tools for detailed revising and post processing. A 2D bar code technology provides useful and safe automation that supports managing the kit-specific controls. While implementing these functions, the focus lay on usability and software ergonomics. Several proven functions derive from the previous software version (BLOTrix 3.4) in order to assemble a reliable system upon best practice.
By integrating the ability to analyze native Western Blots, the system meets the needs of diagnostic manufacturers and labs once more.
For years BioSciTec GmbH has been gathering experience and know-how on the analysis of Line Blots, Line Panels, Lateral Flow Assays and Western Blots.
This is what defines the analyzing system: performance, precision and usability – all you can read.

Our Team welcomes you at our booth at Medica in Düsseldorf

Medica opened yesterday. Our Team is available to you from 14.-17.11.2012. We will show how to analyze all kinds of strips and rapid tests with one system only at the Hessen Biotech stand in Hall 3 G 74.

Visit us at Medica.

Your BioSciTec Team.


BLOTrix 4 Cubos (B4C), the new generation of software for analysis of blots, line assays, and lateral flow rapid tests.

(Press Box) Frankfurt/Main, July 08, 2011, The assessment software BLOTrix in the 4. generation from the company BioSciTec is now being successfully used in diagnostic laboratories and doctors practices since more than 8 years. The system has been continuously and successfully further developed in close collaboration with well-known manufacturers and users of strip tests. Today the BLOTrix software is used in several hundred laboratories throughout the world, also under various other names such as „recomScan“, „AutoScan Pro“ and „Trinblot“. All these products except for company-specific settings were developed identical to the software BLOTrix from the company BioSciTec.


Cooperation between the BioSciTec GmbH and MEDIWISS Analytic GmbH in the field of automated evaluation of allergy test strips.

(Press Box) Frankfurt/Main, February 09, 2011, The company BioSciTec GmbH, the market leader for the automated assessment of diagnostic strip tests of all kinds undertakes cooperation with the company Mediwiss Analytic GmbH. The company Mediwiss GmbH are the worldwide leaders for in-vitro screening diagnostics and are now also using various assessment systems from the company BioSciTec in their product portfolio.


The new B4C BLOTrix software also analyzed line assays

(Press Box) Frankfurt/Main, June 22, 2012, After the introduction of the B4C software as successor of the BLOTrix 3.x series, the new version is now also able to assess classic line-assays and strip tests. This upgrade to line-assays is one of the most significant steps in the development of B4C. Numerous new functions for the assessment and management of diagnostic strip tests are now available for the large circle of users.