Rapid Test Analysis

Evaluation of Rapid Tests e.g. drugs, medical tests, infection tests etc.

BLOTrix Reader R2 and C1: The new standards for the evaluation of rapid test strips and cassettes.

(Press Box) Frankfurt/Main, March 10, 2011, The new BLOTrix readers R2 and C1 from the company BioSciTec now also provide quantifiable results from rapid test strips and cassettes. With the help of optimised calibration techniques the systems provide standardisable measurement data from bands and spots. In close cooperation with the manufacturers of rapid tests we have developed a workstation R2 with integrated PC, and a compact reader C1 with very space-saving dimensions.


BLOTrix 4 Cubos (B4C), the new generation of software for analysis of blots, line assays, and lateral flow rapid tests.

(Press Box) Frankfurt/Main, July 08, 2011, The assessment software BLOTrix in the 4. generation from the company BioSciTec is now being successfully used in diagnostic laboratories and doctors practices since more than 8 years. The system has been continuously and successfully further developed in close collaboration with well-known manufacturers and users of strip tests. Today the BLOTrix software is used in several hundred laboratories throughout the world, also under various other names such as „recomScan“, „AutoScan Pro“ and „Trinblot“. All these products except for company-specific settings were developed identical to the software BLOTrix from the company BioSciTec.