The new B4C BLOTrix software also analyzed line assays

(Press Box) Frankfurt/Main, June 22, 2012, After the introduction of the B4C software as successor of the BLOTrix 3.x series, the new version is now also able to assess classic line-assays and strip tests. This upgrade to line-assays is one of the most significant steps in the development of B4C. Numerous new functions for the assessment and management of diagnostic strip tests are now available for the large circle of users.

New modern algorithms for image processing now nearly entirely automate an assessment. A great emphasis has above all been placed on the users. The software is easy to operate, no complex adjustments are necessary and the user interface has been designed simply for intuitive operation. The integration of a barcode additionally simplifies the identification of the strips and the automatic assignment of tests. Test strips adhered to an assessment form or strips lying freely in trays are automatically recognised. No scan areas require to be defined and it is not necessary to position the test strips in a certain way. These and many further innovations help to make the assessments easier and more reliable.
The B4C App is a high performance tool that assesses, documents and manages all known diagnostic strip tests, medical rapid tests and cassette tests. As generic software the B4C is not tied to a specific manufacturer of diagnostic strip tests. The software can be easily adapted to the products of the different diagnostic product manufacturers.
For high throughput in medium-sized and large laboratories the B4C can be easily integrated into the internal laboratory EDP system (LIMS). In smaller laboratories or doctor’s practices the data management can be undertaken through a supplied database. This also allows the storage of patient data and assessment histories. A feature to design clearly laid out and freely definable reports and result reports rounds off the software package.