Gelscan 6 Professional

Modern band analytics, cluster analyses and dendrograms with Gelscan 6 Professional

Gelscan 6.0 Professional – in addition to the standard version it includes a module for the analysis of kinship. The professional version searches through many gels for certain characteristics or commonalities of band patterns. All gels can be stored in an additional database. Here different work groups can create their own search corridors. The output of the results is performed in clearly laid out dendrograms.

Gelscan 6.0 Professional– routines for an easy and reliable search for expression patterns. The integrated band finder searches for certain characteristics. With the band finder tool you can search for individual bands or for a group of bands.

Gelscan 6.0 Professiona
– has a completely new feature – the table simulator. The simulator transforms a gel mathematically into a matrix. The matrix visualises how all found bands were matched to each other. A perfect visualisation method to quickly assess gels. This graphic display is well-suited for publications, as the band expression is visualised very descriptively.



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