Medica 2015 – new time, new booth and new experience

This year, Medica was a new experience for BioSciTec GmbH.

Medica, the famous trade fair in the area of medicine, set new show dates from Monday till Thursday. We used to take part at the ‚Hessen‘ booth for the last years. It was a corporate booth of the german state ‚Hessen‘ where several biotech companys are located. Since the ‚Hessen‘-booth does not offer this collaboration service anymore, we run our own booth for the first time.

Medica 2015
We had a convenient site in Hall 3 where several of our customers and partners were situated as well. Especially, we were glad to win one of our customer – nal von minden – as our booth neighbor. At this point we would like to thank nal von minden and all customers, partners & any visitors of our booth who contributed to this pleasant Medica. On the whole, Medica was a great experience and we are looking forward to continue with this situation at Medica 2016.

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