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Aeras of applicationThe objekt is locatedSize of the laboratory and throughputPropsal systemMore Informationen
Diagnostic Blot- and Line-Test StripsReading the strips from the incubationtray
medium- to large Laboratory > 50 Strips/day

S1-BLOTrix Reader System

S1-BLOTrix Reader
Diagnostic Blot- and Line-Test StripsStrips stick on a form (Evaluation form)small- to average LaboratoryScanner SystemScanner
Drug Tests Rapid Tests, medical Rapid TestsExposed in the drawer of the reading systemsmall- to average Laboratory

medium- to large Laboratory
C1-BLOTrix Reader System

R2-BLOTrix Reader System
C1-BLOTrix Reader

R2-BLOTrix Reader
Automatic reading of allergy panel tests (strips in plastic tubs)Panels are clamped in a holder (washer)

10er- or 15er Panelholder

single Panels
large Lab. > 50 Panels/day

medium Lab. -doctors office

small Lab. -Praxis
S1-BLOTrix Reader

R2-BLOTrix Reader

C1-BLOTrix Reader
S1-BLOTrix Reader

R2-BLOTrix Reader

C1-BLOTrix Reader
Evaluation of Electrophoresis Gels, Western Blots, RFLP-Analysis, Cluster AnalysisEtBr-Gel, Cyber green, Western Blot MembranesLaboratories, Med. office and universitary- and private Laboratories of ResearchGelscan 6 SoftwareGelscsan 6
Colony Counting, Cell Counting, Measurement of microscopic Stuctures, and ParticlesAgarplates, Microtitterplates, Slides etcsmall- to large Laboratory, doctor`s office or Lab. of ResearchCEEXO, Cell ExplorerCEEXO Cell Explorer