R2, the workstation for medium-sized laboratories

The BLOTrix R2-Reader – is the big brother of the C1. The R2 is available as reader and as workstation. The workstation includes a computer and this makes it a reading and assessment station all in one. The system is suitable for medium-sized laboratory operation and larger practices, and depending on the size of the strips processes up to 15 individual tests strips or 5 cassette tests.

The BLOTrix R2-Reader – the R2 and C1 compact reader model ranges are calibrateable systems. This means that the measured data can also be quantitatively assessed. We have conducted studies with the manufacturers of diagnostic tests with which we were able to demonstrate that the band intensities were in relation to the used concentrations. Here concentrations of substances in liquids can be measured with the help of standards. This is a decisive advantage in the second generation of rapid tests, in medical diagnosis and in drug screening compared to systems with qualitative „Yes-No“ diagnostics.


Important characteristics of the BLOTrix Reader R2 Workstation
– Reading system and assessment device in one unit.
– Pre-installed and configured B4C software
– Network-compatible for connection to laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
– Reading of several rapid tests in only one reading process (high throughput)
– Easy to clean on contamination through liquids

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