The S1-Reader for medium-sized and large laboratories

The BLOTrix Reader S1 is a system for the assessment of blot-strips, line-assays and other diagnostic test strips. The reader allows fast digitalisation of the test strips. The digital images are assessed with the help of the BLOTrix 3.4 software and the new BLOTrix 4 Cubos (B4C).

The BLOTrix Reader S1 – is a high-performance reading device. It reads up to 50 strips at the same time and thereby takes less than one minute. The fast system reads the strips whilst in the trays and allows the medical personnel to evaluate the strips without having to remove them from the tray again. The cumbersome adhesion to a form sheet can also be dispensed with.

The BLOTrix Reader S1 – the procedure has been optimised for laboratory and clinic employees. The incubated tray is removed from the washer, e.g. Profi Blot® from Tecan and then inserted into the reader after a short drying phase. The drawer of the reader is closed and the assessment can be started. The original strips no longer need to be stored for documentation. The digital images of the strips are saved and have the advantage of not fading in colour, and thereby maintain their full diagnostic informational value over many years.

The BLOTrix Reader S1 – is equipped for all the strip and tray formats from various manufacturers. We cooperate with several of the most well-known manufacturers of diagnostic test strips. They all appreciate working with the BLOTrix Reader S1. The reader reads all the existing tray formats and is compatible with all washers, such as e.g. Tecan, Profi Blot®; Bee Robotics, BeeBlot® and processors from DAS® and Dynablot®.


Important features of the BLOTrix Reader S1
– for high throughput starting from 50 strips per day
– strips are read from the incubation tray
– different tray formats readable (Tecan etc.)

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