The scanner for small laboratories and doctor’s practices with form sheet

We offer small laboratories and doctor’s practices an alternative to the high throughput BLOTrix Reader. The BLOTrix software can also be operated with a conventional scanner.

Simply place the strips on the scanner and scan them in. Or use the form sheet of the strip manufacturer. Place the sheet with the adhered strip on the scanner and perform the assessment.

As it is our goal to supply standardised results we have performed an extensive scanner comparison review. We have tested six of the leading scanner manufacturers. Only one scanner fulfilled the features required by us.

With the help of an exactly fitting slit template individual strips can also be quickly placed on a scanner in parallel. The template prevents the strips from crossing or overlapping each other.


Important features of the scanner
– suitable for small laboratories with low throughput
– scanning of strips that have been adhered to a form sheet
– economical reading device for strips for documentation
– conditionally suitable for laboratory operation in moist area