BioSciTec incubation trays

BLOTrix-trays – we have been manufacturing our BLOTrix strip analysis system since eight years. With our continuous emphasis on the optimisation of the hardware and software components, we have undertaken a further step to decisively improve the results. The trays that are on the market today were developed for visual assessment. There were repeated problems during the automatic assessment.

The BLOTrix-trays are non-glare, the strips lie straight and therefore reflect substantially less. Due to the modified and patented cavity the assessments become more homogeneous and more comparable.

The BLOTrix-trays are well conducting and due to this there are fewer problems with static electricity. The new material allows the strips to also remain adhering to the bottom in the dry state and the effect of electrostatic charging is substantially reduced.

The BLOTrix – trays  are available for the Bee Blot® – and will become available for the Profi Blot®. We manufacture trays for our customers in all shapes and sizes.

The BLOTrix-trays do not throw any shadows on the strips. Through this the strips are evenly illuminated and the results are very homogeneous.

The BLOTrix-trays have been patented.