BLOTrix 4 Cubos, the software for our assessment systems

B4C – is the software for all our assessment systems for diagnostic strips and rapid tests. With its high-performance image recognition and extensive range of functions, BLOTrix sets a new standard in the analysis of blots and line assays, as well as all types of rapid test.

B4C – sets new standards in coordination with our analysis devices. A previously unachieved quality in band detection and interpretation is the result of coordinated hard and software. BLOTrix thereby for the first time offers genuine standardisation in the assessment of test strips of all types.

B4C – minimises errors through largely automated data processing. By means of job lists and LIMS integration, BLOTrix drastically reduces the work overhead for manual data acquisition and provides reliable archiving options. This offers medical diagnostic laboratories a significant increase in efficiency in the processing of immunoblots and line assays.

B4C – is currently being used in more than 800 large and medium-sized laboratories. The BLOTrix system is already the market leader in Germany and is receiving increasing acceptance throughout Europe and USA. In the eyes of our partners, the manufacturers of strips and their customers, we are convinced that only a single system for the assessment of all test strips from different manufacturers is the right way to go. Similar to the ELISA readers.

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