CEEXO, the software for the analysis of microscopic objects, counts and measurement of colonies

CEEXOis the third generation of the software CellExplorer. The software was mainly developed  for counting and measuring microscopic objects. Functions similar to macros guarantee a high counting throughput and comfortable automation.

CEEXO – counts and sorts objects/cells with up to 8 different colours. The automatic differentiation between different shapes is especially innovative. This, for example, allows round shapes (undifferentiated cells) to be separated from oval shapes (differentiated cells). Objects that are in contact with each other are automatically separated and counted by the software.

CEEXO – for colony counting CEEXO provides a Spiral-Plating-Mode. Through several access levels the software conforms to all quality assurance requirements in analytical laboratories.

CEEXO – the CEEXO includes special tools for the assessment of scientific tests. For example the Hemmhof analysis serves for verifying active substances in defined test systems. Here all directives of pharmaceutical research are supported.

CEEXO –  the software is characterised through its exceptionally easy operation. The software has been „developed by scientists for scientists“. Here the user was placed in the foreground.

CEEXO – HD cameras are also able to be controlled from the CEEXO for the first time. The respective settings are also saved and accessed as required for various application cases. However, the CEEXO is still able to read all common image formats.

CEEXO– the colour selection has been extended up to 8 colour gradients and the grid has been upgraded with circle segments. In the area selection it is now possible to extrapolate to a total surface area.

CEEXO – the definition and management of repeated tasks and background data can be performed in next to no time. With this object counting becomes a 1-click-task.

CEEXO – includes complex image processing. More than 30 different filters are included in the standard features. Sharpness, pseudo-colours, colour enhancements, edge search, fluorescence separation, background separation are only a few of the numerous tools.


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