The important bridge to the universities

provides us with modern and innovative solutions for our development questions. We continually work on the improvement and expandability of our products. We optimise our systems together with the people that work with them in the laboratories – we adapt them and optimally integrate them into their daily work processes. These tasks can only be resolved if one develops contacts with the universities. Programmers and scientists from the universities introduce new modern solution approaches and extend our technical horizon. We continually improve our products and in this way bring them even closer to the people in the laboratories, doctor’s practices and clinics.

We have found such a corporation at the University of Darmstadt. With the study course in opto technology and image processing in the specialist field of mathematics and science under the leadership of Mr. Prof. Dr. Sandau, we have found a scientific interface which is beneficial for us and for the University. Within the scope of degree dissertations and other „joint venture“ projects, we offer the students insight into the „life science“ sector and at the same time offer jobs vacancies, whilst we receive modern and innovative solutions for our technical development questions.